Sunday, October 20, 2013

Whirlwind Month

This has been a crazy month. I feel like I missed Autumn again this year because I missed my favorite seasonal activities. Last year it was due to ex-BF's chemo and our decision to stay in until he was feeling better. But this year the health issues were all mine.

Kidney Stones.

The pain was playing with me for awhile, but I wrote it off as female pain of some sort (functional cyst, pain due to cramping and adhesions from all of my abdominal surgeries, etc.), so I sucked down the Excedrin and went on with my life. I even made it as far as MI for a weekend of apple picking with a friend and our kids, and then promptly landed in the ER in some tiny little town just 6 hours after we arrived.

I spent the next four days in three ERs and admitted to two different hospitals. I had a 1 cm kidney stone blocking my ureter that had caused hydronephrosus, a kidney infection, and a UTI. I also had another 6 mm stone in the kidney waiting to exit at some point, too.

Next came a stent, then lithotripsy and the recovery from that, and finally stent removal last week. I am feeling almost like my old self again. The urologist told me that the stones are due to my j-pouch  which makes my kidneys over absorb oxalates, so I need to modify my diet and dramatically reduce high oxalate foods (all healthy ones, and many of my favorites), and drink copious amounts of water.

The weigh in at the first ER kicked me in the ass, and thus I threw myself full-force into weight reduction mode 12 days ago. No sugar. No alcohol. And my WW weigh in today showed the lowest weight I have seen since I rejoined in the beginning of September. I do not plan on avoiding those forever, but will make the days that I do eat them more for special occasions because my cravings and eating are so much more manageable without them.

Next up is a return to the gym. I did not feel up to it this weekend, but next weekend it is my focus. I am happy to be both on the mend and feeling slimmer than I have in recent months... a true win/win.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

Ouch on the stones, but such a positive attitude on the ending!