Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mixing Things Up

Where has the last two months gone? The good news is that they have been predominantly good months, barring a family relationship termination almost three months ago. It is sad that it is most often the people closest to you who betray your trust, and even sadder when it is a parent. 

On the positive side, my DD and I had a fabulous trip to enjoy the fall colors in Maine. We enjoyed our Halloween immensely, complete with our annual haunted house visit. And I joined a new gym! 

I chose this one for several reasons: Cost, proximity to home, clientele, and classes that fit my schedule as a working single mother. I have taken 6 classes in the first month of my membership (3 Spin classes, 2 Corebar/Pilioxing Classes, and 1 class for lower body toning called Tighter Assets). 

I love the a Spin classes, and that is surprising to me! Each instructor is different, so some have focused on strengthening and some on intervals. And I also love the Corebar/Piloxing classes. Very high energy and challenging.

The Tighter Assets class was a big challenge for me, and not in a good way. After all of my abdominal surgeries, two of which cut me from breastbone to pubic bone and all the way through my muscles, I have poor core strength. I also have had two hernia surgeries due to incisional hernias from the two veggies, so I am cautious about hurting myself and causing anothe hernia. The Tighter Assets class made me feel uncomfortable, but the instructor was the real issue because she was barking at people with a tinge of meanness about their form or not trying hard enough. I had to modify some of the balance moves, and she made me feel bad about that. That is not something I want in a group clas, so I may try it with another instructor once I am in a bit better shape in terms of balance.

All in all, the classes have been and I have enjoyed branching out! I have met some nice people, I feel like part of "something", and I have challenged myself in new ways.  And that is a good thing!

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