Sunday, June 7, 2015

Soaked Sunday

It is a yucky day in Illinois. Intermittently rainy, very humid, and just plain messy. My BF and I were driven to use the indoor track for our Sunday walk this morning. It was just as humid on the track, but our walk was as pleasurable as ever since we have so much to talk about.

I decided to head up to the workout room after the walk for a solo session, and this happened.

Holy moly! I was exhausted after all was said and done this morning! And now my thighs are feeling the burn since I had the Arc Trainer resistance pretty high for most of the workout.

A great workout morning, followed by a lazy afternoon around the house. Now I am preparing food for the week to keep myself on track.

There will be travel to the U.K. for me this month, so it will be a challenge for me to work my plan since it is for business. Hopefully I can do some serious walking while I am there to counterbalance any eating and drinking choices that may not be as positive as possible in regard to weight loss.

On to another solid week!

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